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Welcome to the SUN.COM Project

The SuN.Com Project: An overview

What is SuN.Com?

The SuN.Com(munity) is an EU funded education project for language educators and learners.


Languages involved?

Among the less used and spoken languages of EU member countries: Greek, Italian, Russian, Albanian, Slovenian , Latvian, Polish, Czech, Romanian.


Action Synergy (Greece), HCC (Greece), ANUP (Romania), LCC (UK), IEIE (Germany), BSW (Germany), Universitá Orientale (Italy), Baltic Bright (Latvia)

Main aim?

To form a methodology and develop a platform in order to promote language learning through informal language learning communities.

Role of the Language Communities

- Each community is devoted to a single language and specifically focuses on informal learning methodologies.

- The users of the platform participate in a language experience with no preset language outcomes but orientate their own language acquisition through heuristic language building, online socialization and enculturation and a playful practise in relation to widely used social media.

- They utilise peer informal teaching methods for all the languages offered.


Basic concepts

- Learning happening as a result of online social interaction.

- No «teachers» and «students»: there are learners that are willing to learn a language, other learners and native speakers willing to support them in this learning process and moderators that coordinate the activities of the community.

- Users are able to share educational material with each other.

Project's Basic outcomes

- A social network community of learning for users who wish to learn or help others learn.

- A platform that includes multimedia resources and language learning materials.

- A handbook proposing a model for online language learning in informal learning communities.


FaLang translation system by Faboba
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For  more information, contact the project coordinator

Action Synergy


Telephone: +30 2106822606