Gui Fa Hu

Gui Fa Hu from Taiwan learns Greek and she is very happy about this. She enjoyed doing the exercises and the tutors were very helpful. She is also confident about her progress.


Susan from Hungary learns Greek at the SunLangCom community with and without a tutor. She found the platform very helpful as she had to type Greek letters so she learned also to write. She also joined some forum discussions where she got more familiarized with the language. In general, her experience was very joyful.


Tomas learns Polish within the SuN.Com community. He uses the platform to get in contact with native speakers. It helps him to understand the language more.


Anna from Krakow said that SunLangCom community is great and was helpful for her Russian language training. Thorugh the community, she stays in contact with learners from other countries. She also got in touch with one of them in real life!


Wodesel from Germany explains that the Czech language is difficult so he uses the platform mainly to communicate with local Czech people. This strengthens the communication skills he has in this language.


Marisa is a learner of the Romanian language in SunLangCom. She finds the community interesting and interactive that works like a social network. She also talks about the thematic units which she found very practical.


Alex is from Germany and he shares his thoughts about SunLangCom. He explains that someone can learn languages without the need to buy any materials. He explains further that it is the best way to learn a language as it helps you learn by exercising it via the site.


Frank from Germany talks about his experience in the community. He says he managed through SUN.COM to exercise his knowledge in the Italian language, to keep in touch with his online tutor and to get to know the members of this community of learners.

FaLang translation system by Faboba
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